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What to Look for while Buying a High Performance Sedan

Jason Statham has successfully classified Audi as a dream machine. The way he handles Audi A6 (Sedan) in the movie Transporter is absolutely mesmerizing. Well, no wonder sedans are always appealing to luxury car lovers. Be it the comfort factor, the superb looks or the high performance engines, there is no match for sedan-like practicality.

Whatís it about sedans?

One thing that is really intriguing about Sedans is the concept behind the manufacturing† process. Sedans are a very reliable segment of cars. You get high performance sedans good enough to take your family for an outing (4 doors for easy accommodation) and also go speed-racing with your friends (racing mode on).

The case in point is, while planning to purchase a car that offers you luxurious elements along with a spec of speediness and cutting-edge technology, a high performance sedan can be your best buy. And if money is also a consideration, opting for a sedan will definitely make sense.

Who offers the most high performance sedans?

High profile car brands such as Audi, Volkswagen, BMW etc. tend to offer a broad range of power-packed sedans for the car-frenzy people. Whatever your priority might be, say for instance you are a family person and you want a sedan which will take care of family outings and you also want to manage your daily commute to your office in the same car, you might as well opt for a high profile Audi A4 or a BMW 3 Series or Volkswagen Passat depending on your specific needs.

When you compare sedans of different brands showcasing similar traits, you will observe that most of the major luxurious car brands will often come up with models that donít differ much, specially when it comes to specifications (the looks will obviously be different). Itís just the brand that makes the major difference in the mindset of buyers while making a pick.

So if you like Jason Statham and his car driving skills, you might as well opt for a jet black Audi A6. Likewise, if you are† a Bruce Willis fan, you might opt for BMW luxury sedans. Your choices might vary while purchasing a high performance sedan on the basis of the overall car looks, the interiors, the engine specifications, the cost factor and of course, the brand value.

So the next time you intend to purchase a super luxurious sedan, you might as well set your priorities straight and go to a showroom which not only present many options before you, but at the same time, the representatives of the showroom advise you in making the best buy as per your needs. After all, they understand the cars the best, and you understand your needs the best!
31 Jul 2015
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Presenting the All-new 2016 BMW 7 Series

Itís quite clear that everytime BMW steps into the warehouse for production of a new mean machine, it never fails to awe the car-frenzy adrenaline seekers. So hereís another addition to the BMW family and you would definitely like this news. BMW is set to launch a new series altogetherㅡ The BMW 7 series. Yes, luxury just got redefined!

The BMW 7 series has given a new meaning altogether to terms like luxury, class, performance and safety. And especially when technology is surpassing a laymanís comprehensive mind, the impeccable engineers of BMW are taking things to the next level!

Speculating the specifications

Letís take a step into the car and talk about the specifications a bit.

This new series is going to be the most tech-savvy BMW so far. There have been renditions in key characteristics of BMW productions such as the driving dynamics, passenger accommodations, intelligent connectivity technology and the sensitivity of various other operations.

The aerodynamics of the car have been taken care of very sensibly. The body of this car is made up of a super light weight material known as CFRP- Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic. The key characteristic of this particular material is that itís quite light and super strong at the same time. Hence, usage of this material has propelled the efficiency and strength of the car. In fact, as a result of this, the new productions will be approximately 190 pounds lighter than the previous BMW models. Even cars can diet now!

Tech-savvy BMW

As mentioned earlier in this article, BMW has reached ďthe next levelĒ of manufacturing technology-driven machines. As the new BMW 7 series will be launched by Autumn 2015, the world will witness usage of Gesture Control technology for the first time in a BMW car. Gesture Control is a new technology that will provide you with a really interactive atmosphere inside the car. For instance, if you are not interested in picking a call, you might as well reject it just by moving your hand. The 3D sensors will do the rest!

Now you can understand how Iron Man must be feeling while using Jarvis. In fact, you might as well do the same in your BMW 7 series. So stay tuned for the latest information about these premium and used luxurious cars.
29 Jul 2015
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A Pre-owned Exotic Car is no more a Dream

The wait is over, and this is a true news! Now your dream of owning a Porsche Cayman or Lamborghini Aventador can come true. You no longer need to wait for orders of such luxurious cars for years. Moreover, now there are feasible options in India that re-sell super luxurious cars such as Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini etc. making things easy for consumers as time passes by.

Choose amongst the most savvy mean machines

Name a model and you will find it in the showroom! The case in point is, if you donít find your dream machine, you can always make the sellers understand your luxurious needs and they will do their utmost to source your specificity.

Now, let me answer an important question that might have been pricking your mindㅡ why pre-owned?

Hereís the deal, itís important to speculate the complete purchase scenario before making huge investments such as buying a luxurious car. Itís not the same as buying a Honda sedan or a Tata hatchback. We are talking big hereㅡ more horsepower and more zeroes at the end of pay cheque. Hence it wonít be an easy decision.

To be specific, pre-owned doesnít mean second hand. When it comes to used luxurious cars such as Ferrari, Rolls-Royce etc., these brands mostly manufacture hand-crafted collectables. The productions of these collectable mean machines are limited worldwide. Hence a pre-owned Ferrari might as well be comprehended as a tried and tested version of the same car that you see on your screen while Googling about it.

Often there some points which when considered, help speculate the logic behind going for a pre-owned luxurious car. Here is a list of four points that highlight the positive aspects of opting for a Pre-owned Luxurious Car.


When you reach out to a luxurious car reseller, he will definitely provide you with maintenance and after care solutions. These cars are very parts specific and hence need proper timely maintenance solutions for which you can always rely on the sellers.

Cost-effective solution

Purchasing a pre-owned luxurious car will also save you some bucks.Whether itís your priority or not, nevertheless there is a tendency to make some monetary savings while opting for a pre-owned car.After all given a chance ,who doesnít love to save some money!†

State-of-the-art service

Possessing all the latest technology and machines to provide the optimum care for these super luxurious cars, these auto resellers make sure to provide with a complete package of luxury and speed. They know you love adrenaline, and thatís why you get the best!

Crazy collection

The most intriguing thing out of all the aforementioned pointers is that these resellers have some of the best cars in their showrooms. Be it La Ferrari, Maybach, Rolls-Royce Phantom or Jaguar, you will find the rarest of the collectables in their showrooms.
24 Jul 2015
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